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Warning signs that your transmission is about to cause trouble.

  • Is your car driving normally, is there a change in the shift pattern?

  • Does the transmission jerk or hesitate or slip going into gear?

  • Harsh shifting when going up hills?

  • Do you see spots appearing on your driveway or garage floor?

  • Is the fluid low, does it smell burnt or look dark brown?


Catching potential problems before they become major repairs is the best way to save money. An inexpensive transmission service may be all you need.


If you suspect transmission trouble call us or stop in. We can diagnose and repair any transmission problem for all cars and light trucks, foreign or domestic. You will get the best advice and a correct evaluation of your transmission.

Should you need a rebuild or overhaul we will give you a fast free worst case estimate before we start the work and we offer warrantees for most vehicles.


Don’t get caught in the trap that some shops set for you by giving low ball phone estimates or disassembling your transmission for diagnosis and then hitting you with a huge bill.

  • Auto Repair

  • Auto Brakes

  • Auto Timing Belt

  • AutoTune Up

  • Auto Oil Change

  • Auto Transmission Repair

  • Diagnostics

  • Engine Repair

  • Alternator

  • Starter

  • Clutch Repair

  • Axles & CV Joints

  • Clean and replace automatic transmission fluid

  • Diagnose and repair transmission parts for wear and tears

  • Clean oil pan and replace transmission filters

  • Examine and adjust the transmission controls and bands

  • Transfer cases

  • Wheel baring & Tyre mounting

  • Drive shafts and U-joint repairs


  • Quick turn around

  • Net 30 on all services and repairs

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Progressive Repair

  • Repair Cost Analysis

  • Long term savings on fleet vehicle repairs and fuel

  • Stay on the road and shielded from liability

  • Reduce employee and vehicle downtime

  • Track fleet vehicle repair history Identify break down patterns

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